The Journey To Success

Business building is a journey, and access to capital is only a starting point.  At Entrada, we work alongside a select group of founders as they innovate through the trials and challenges of entrepreneurship.  Leveraging our operating and investing success, we ensure founders avoid critical mistakes, secure the right capital, and build transformative and lasting companies.




 In most cases, we expect to lead the round. We are not shy about stepping up when we have conviction about a team.  We will also help introduce the founders to other angels and funds, and work closely with the team to raise the desired amount on fair and friendly terms.

Legal & Financial


 When approaching institutional investors, you want them to be focused on your opportunity, not mired in legacy legal, accounting, and cap table issues. We have the expertise and relationships to ensure your legal and accounting package is complete and accurate.

Intellectual Property


 Institutional investors expect that founders have created a “moat,” protecting the business from competitive attack. Our team has decades of expertise and the relationships to help our portfolio companies make sure their IP is planned and protected properly.

KPI Development

& Reporting

 Institutional investors expect leadership to know what levers control their growth – you manage what you measure. We help founders evolve their strategic dashboards to tell the story of the company's progress, emerging opportunities, and market position.



 Institutional investors expect founders to be able to tell your story better than anyone else. Telling a compelling story is key to attracting the right investors, customers, and team members.  Our extensive experience as both entrepreneurs and investors gives us strong insight into how to develop a concise and engaging story that attracts the right partners.

Intro to Appropriate

VC Firms

 Early conversations and regular and transparent updates ease future fundraising. We help founders determine which institutional investors are most appropriate for their business, assist with preparation and make early introductions in order build strong lasting relationships.


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