Over the past 20 years, companies on the Central Coast of California have produced over $20B in shareholder value.  We are fortunate to have invested in (and led) many of them at the earliest stage and helped secure follow-on capital from the world's premier VC firms.

Recent Investments

  • Anchore

    End-to-end security and compliance for the enterprise

  • Coreshell Technologies

    The missing piece to the next generation of advanced batteries

  • Fathom Computing

    Enabling artificial neural networks for greater machine intelligence

  • LiveData

    CRM management and lead generation reimagined

  • LightDeck Diagnostics

    Delivering highly sensitive, lab-quality results in minutes

  • MixMode

    Building the next generation in cybersecurity

  • Pashion Footwear

    Convertible heel technology for every part of a woman's day

  • Quintessent

    Scalable Laser Arrays for Networking, AI, and LIDAR

  • Shine Bathroom

    Modernizing the bathroom one product at a time

  • Snapwire

    Changing the way content is sourced and created

  • Wildnote

    Transforming environmental compliance & reporting

  • Worksana

    Remote workforce management solutions

Team Investments


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