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Buying & Selling Businesses: Managing the Process With Clarity, Intention, and a Strong Team

Feb. 1, 2023 - Buying, selling, or investing in a business is no easy feat. You have to get clear on your goals, make sure that they align with your partnerships, and navigate the challenges that come with change. However, when your well-researched plan falls into place, you can reap massive rewards.

How do you turn your plan into action and ensure that your endeavor is a success? We spoke with experts in the buying, selling, and investment spaces to hear their advice on the matter. In this article, top entrepreneurs share their tried-and-true strategies to foster a smooth transition, expand healthy teams, develop a plan that fits their vision, and achieve the future they want.


Karen Davis, Entrada Ventures

Karen states that the most important factor she looks for in a company is whether or not it has invested in a great team. If a company invests in people who are ethical, self-aware, collaborative, resilient, and resourceful, it is a good predictor of future success. Furthermore, founders who see the world differently and look for ways to affect change are a major green flag for high potential returns on investment.

Entrada Ventures is a late seed-stage fund founded by a group of passionate, experienced operators and investors who have built a number of successful businesses. Entrada Ventures works with a few companies each year, personally and intensively, to help them grow from a startup with product-market fit to a strong business ready for its first round of institutional financing. Entrada Ventures can significantly improve those companies’ ability to understand, manage, and scale their business and raise a tier-one Series A on favorable terms by investing in and working with strong founders who have demonstrated some traction.


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