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Entrada Announces Investment in Live Data Technologies, A New Breed of Data Technology Disruptor

Santa Barbara, Calif — Entrada Ventures is pleased to announce our investment in Santa Barbara technology company Live Data Technologies.

About Live Data:

The data business is mature, and buyers are accustomed to dealing with bad data.Bad data costs US businesses $700B annually according to Salesforce, largely attributable to incorrect contact data. The multi-billion dollar B2B contact sector has evolved little from its heritage as mailing list providers, and their files are woefully outdated.

Live Data is a continuous stream of blog posts, tweets, web content, resume updates, press releases, and related information that are associated with companies and individuals. This data is the single most accurate and cost-effective source to confirm B2B interests, needs, and contact information. 

Given B2B data decays at a rate of 2-4% monthly, Live Data doesn't have a database and never will. The information the company provides is extracted on the open web at the moment of a customer's request for contact management and lead generation.

"Live Data Technologies represents the beginning of the end of traditional databases," said Entrada Managing Partner, Jason Spievak. "Scott Hamilton has developed and implemented a data aggregation and validation methodology that is faster, more efficient, more accurate, and less expensive than traditional contact databases. We’re excited to partner with Scott and the Live Data team to help scale this disruptive technology to its full potential.”

Learn more about Live Data at:


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