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Entrada Ventures Invests in Stock Photo Disruptor, Snapwire

Snapwire ( connects a new generation of creators with businesses and brands that need on-demand creative imagery. Buyers post requests on Snapwire, and creators submit photos that match. Buyers get custom photos that elevate their projects, and creators earn money doing what they love.

Entrada's POV:

At the core of our investment thesis, we invest in founders who are smart, humble, coachable, and have the ability to lead people effectively and consciously.

Entrada partner, Brian Coryat, has worked closely with CEO Chad Newell over the past 18 months, both as an early angel investor and as a board member. During that time, the Snapwire team quickly proved our core investment thesis: invest in founders who are smart, humble, coachable, and can lead people effectively and consciously. Add a disruptive technology in a large and antiquated market that's changing the status quo, and you have a winner.

"I have found Chad and Ryan to be true life long learners and entrepreneurs who are not only open to new ideas, but understand quickly how to implement those new ideas into their organization," said Coryat. "They understand their business, the levers that drive it, and they know how to win with a long term vision that can potentially create a powerhouse.

"They intuitively understand how to build a team and a strong and robust company culture. Snapwire is creating a massive market opportunity by building a network that democratizes custom content creation for a world that craves quality content. I believe in the team, I believe in the space, I believe in the opportunity."


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