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TITAN’s First Haptic Motor Packs a Big Punch in a Small Size

TITAN Haptics new DRAKE Haptic Motor (Photo: Business Wire)

March 30, 2022 09:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TITAN Haptics, an award-winning haptics startup, today announces its first haptic motor under the TITAN Haptics brand called TacHammer DRAKE; a new, compact, wideband haptic motor the size of a pill capsule.

Built on the Second Generation of Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) suspension technology, TITAN Haptics’ compact DRAKE motor offers a huge boost in power density, an increase of 320% compared to its predecessor the Carlton. It also boasts 7% greater power efficiency and quieter operation, all while maintaining the typical benefits of wideband LMR motors.

The DRAKE haptic motor lineup also introduces a number of firsts. Each motor unit is completely weather sealed, and is available in four different varieties; a general purpose wideband version (MR), a low frequency resonant version for music and sub-bass (LR), a high frequency resonant version for alerts and textures (HF), and a version that produces sharp impact haptics (LFi).


High Haptic Output - Strong 4.5 Grms vibration, and crisp 19 Gp impact haptics

Compact - 9.5mm diameter x 23mm length

Wideband with Rumble - 10hz to 300hz+ frequency response range

Quiet Operation - Ideal for audio applications and use in low noise environments

Easy to Drive - Operates at 1.0 - 3.3vms AC, 170 mArms peak. Works with standard motor controllers. Overdrive capable

Fast Response Time - Less than 10ms response time for highly responsive haptics

Robust and Durable - Fully weather sealed. Continuous operation tested to 100 million cycles in a variety of climates

Available in 4 Models - Optimized for gaming, touchscreens, music or alerts:

● Low Frequency Impact - TH-D-952395-LFi ● Low Frequency - TH-D-952395-LF ● Medium Frequency - TH-D-952395-MF ● High Frequency - TH-D-952395-HF

“DRAKE is our smallest, mass production ready haptic motor. Designed for easy implementation in existing electronics and form factors, DRAKE is perfect for gaming, virtual reality, headphones and touchscreens,” explains Kyle Skippon, Engineer at TITAN Haptics. “DRAKE works excellently with audio signals, letting users feel detailed nuanced sensations not felt with typical haptic motors.”

DRAKE haptic motors are available on TITAN’s Haptics website at and will be available on Digikey starting April 1, 2022.

TITAN Haptics Inc. TITAN Haptics is an award-winning developer of LMR haptic motors made for smartphones, gaming consoles and electronic devices. TITAN Haptics also leads haptic ecosystem and standardization efforts through industry organizations HIF and IEEE. Learn more at

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