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Alex Fang

Alex has a passion for solving hard problems and improving the quality of life for those around him. And he’s not afraid of hardware. Alex leads many of Entrada’s hard tech investments, including in photonics, nanoscale materials, next-gen motors, and disruptive computing. 

Alex was the co-founder and CEO of Aurrion, which develops silicon photonic transceivers for cloud networks and was acquired by Juniper for a substantial return to investors. Alex is an active investor and board member with several companies, and he serves on the dean’s cabinet at UCSB’s College of Engineering. Alex earned his BS in electrical engineering, math, and physics at San Jose State University, his Masters and PhD in electrical engineering at UCSB, and is a Harvard Business School Alumnus. 

When not helping early-stage companies find product-market fit, Alex can be found bombing down single tracks, out on the open road, or playing dress up with his three beautiful girls.

Alex Fang
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