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Eric Kanowsky

Eric’s journey has taken him from engineering student to one of the most successful early-stage technology investors in the region. Eric was a co-founder of email pioneer, which was one of the biggest IPOs of its time. 

Eric’s curiosity and investment interests span a broad range of computing, infrastructure, life sciences, data, and ag tech. Eric has held numerous operating roles over the years on his way to investing in 40+ companies as an angel investor prior to co-founding Entrada. And his returns from seed stage investments in Central Coast companies like Procore, Apeel Sciences, HG Insights, TrueVision Systems, and CytomX are an inspiration. Eric earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic and his MBA at Indiana University. 

When he’s not skillfully dissecting an operating plan or pleading the fifth with his prosecutor bride, you’ll find Eric on the slopes in Sun Valley trying to catch up to his kids.

Eric Kanowsky
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