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Greg Fish

Greg is that guy who usually knows the answer to most things but will only tell you if you ask. Greg was the CTO of Aurrion, which develops silicon photonic transceivers for cloud networks and was acquired by Juniper for a substantial return to investors. 

He was also the co-founder and Chief Engineer of Agility Communications, which was acquired by JDSU. Greg earned his BS in ECE from the University of Wisconsin and his MS and PhD in ECE at UCSB. Greg is an inventor on more than 60 patents and has authored more than 250 research journal publications. He has an h-index of 27, which basically means he works a lot smarter than the rest of us and is highly respected among his peers. 

When Greg is not conceiving of and patenting disruptive new technologies, you will find him enjoying a glass of good wine, cooking amazing food for his family and friends, or at spin class - but probably not in that order.

Greg Fish
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