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Jenny Christiansen

Jenny is the creative operational force behind Entrada Ventures. When things get done well and on time, that’s usually her. Jenny’s hat rack is full with operations, marketing, event planning, investor relations, and all the other good stuff that makes our world go round here at Entrada. 

Prior to Entrada, Jenny has led operations and marketing across a broad range of industries from Valley Oil Company, which fueled the growth of Silicon Valley, to Executive Director of the Siebel Foundation, one of the most impactful foundations in the world, where she facilitated key capital for initiatives in energy and stem cell research and developed partnerships with leading universities around the world. Jenny has organized thought leadership conferences for thousands of luminaries, all with that beaming smile. 

Jenny graduated with honors from Princeton University, where she played the toughest sport in the world. When she’s not keeping Entrada’s trains running, Jenny can usually be found at the beach with her husband and two happy and playful kids.

Jenny Christiansen
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