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Julie Henley

Julie brings a creative and compassionate approach to early-stage technology investing. She is the voice of “what if?” in the Entrada board room and can see the opportunity side of everything. 

Julie has been a part of the leadership team of several successful technology companies, and she has been very impactful in product roles at eToys,, and IAC, where she was head of product for Evite. Prior to Entrada, Julie was head of product for the Demand Media division that drove the company’s successful IPO. Julie earned her business degree from Cal Poly and continues to give back to her alma mater. 

Creating opportunities for underrepresented founders is a passion for Julie, and she has led Entrada’s investments in several woman-founded companies. 

When she’s not advising companies on how best to upset the apple cart, you’ll find Julie walking on the beach with her husband, her trusty yellow lab, and her beautiful sons.

Julie Henley
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