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Karen Roter Davis

Karen’s journey has seen her go from startup attorney to moonshot deep tech investing. Karen has extensive experience as a director and advisor to public and private companies valued in the tens of billions. 

Most recently, as Director of Early Stage Projects at X, Karen managed a deep tech portfolio for Alphabet. Karen has led multiple initiatives at Google over the past two decades, including overseeing operations for its groundbreaking IPO. She is no stranger to complex technology and complex deal structures, but is a straight shooter with a knack for cutting to the core of the critical technology or business issues to address for success – from inception through scale. Karen has taught innovation at Northwestern University, where she earned both an MBA and a law degree following her Princeton undergrad. 

Karen is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. When she’s not busy discovering great market opportunities or working with the Lawrence Livermore National Labs to reduce carbon impact, you’ll find Karen traveling the world with her impressively nerdy husband and two delightful and de-lovely daughters.

Karen Roter Davis
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